"We [the cast of ‘Teen Wolf’] are goofy kids. We’re unprofessional. We’re funny. We’re smart, clever and sexy and beautiful. I’m just talking about myself. I’m not talking about the rest of the cast."

MTV's "Faking It" - Michael J. Willett and Gregg Sulkin


Gregg, do you think part of Liam’s attraction to Karma is about the fact that he thinks she’s a lesbian?
GS: Definitely. I mean, realistically, with straight guys in school, I think if you ask a bunch of guys, do they think it’s hot? They’ll say yes.
MJW: Well, it’s hot and it boosts your confidence, right?
GS: It’s like a challenge, you know? Everyone wants what they can’t have. So Karma, to me is…
MJW: I conquered the lesbian.
GS: Yeah. Conquered the lesbian. She’s mine.

Sarah + impersonating her genetic identicals

a customer asked me if we had any movies with romance and i s2g i told them “oh yeah, captain america has steve and bucky”


Mackie: "Last night I was, like, sitting around in a hotel and I was like, yo man, there’s a midnight screening and this is my first Marvel movie. I’mma go say what’s up to the people. So I grab a cab and shoot to 42nd Street, I walk in and I’m like what up, dog?”

Fallon: "Did people freak out?!


Happy Easter !

I think our film can reach a wide variety of people. I feel like adults will like it, kids will like it, girls will like it, boys will like it. I hope all of these things are true. I also feel like all of them can dislike it. (laughter)


Bitecon (April 2014)
Orny Adams reads fanfic.

Btw, the original fic that Orny was reading didn’t say anything about Stiles, he made that part up.

One of a kind